The Music of Apple

Gain deep insight into the strategic musical decisions behind the songs featured in Apple commercials.

Thursday, July 21st @ 12PM PST - 3PM PST (3PM EST - 6PM EST)


Apple is one of the world's most iconic brands. 

And, they are also one of the most secretive brands, which makes it hard to gain insight into why they choose the songs they choose for their commercials.

But what if there was a way to gain deep insight into the compositional qualities that shape many of the songs featured in Apple commercials?

And gain direct access to people who have licensed music to Apple?

At Sync Deconstructed: The Music of Appleyou'll learn from today's top experts in licensing & compositional analysis what some of the fundamental qualities an Apple spot include.

You'll also hear from individuals who have licensed to Apple themselves, providing you with unique insight into how they landed their Apple placements and what it's like working with Apple.

And at the end of the presentation, they will make time for your questions.

You'll Learn From

Jody Friedman

Music Supervisor

& Publisher

Music Supervisor & Publisher, Jody Friedman is the founder of License Your Music where he coaches artists how to license music to media. He’s licensed over 10,000 songs and has Music Supervised since 2008. Clients include the likes of Focus Features, Netflix, HBO, Disney, NBC, Marvel Studios, and more.

Jody will review the licensing process and discuss the overall qualities found in apple spots.

David Penn

Co-Founder, Hit Songs Deconstructed

Deconstructed methodology for analyzing music, which is now used in universities around the world. He also guest lectures at universities and industry conferences and regularly consults with major labels and publishers.

David will analyze the compositional elements and songwriting and production techniques that went into crafting the music used in several apple spots.

(Ben) Jamin Mandel

Sr. Manager, Synch CreativE, Kobalt

Jamin has been with Kobalt for over a decade and currently serves as Sr. Manager, Creative Synch. He has  experience at all levels of the music industry and has worked on many Apple spots including spots featuring music by Kumo 99 and Lizzo.

Jamin will talk about how he landed these Apple spots, what went into licensing the songs to them, and what it’s like working with Apple. 

Nate Donmoyer


Kumo 99 is a Japanese-American duo consisting of Ami Komai and Heavy Duty’s Nate Donmoyer. They recently had their song “200” featured in Apple Japan’s new campaign titled, “Apple Watch — Come on, for the Active,” which debuted on June 1st.

Nate will discuss his experience working with Apple from the perspective of a songwriter/producer.

We created Sync Deconstructed to pull back the curtain on the music of some of today's most iconic brands and give you the tools you need to confidently create songs that will be marketable for years to come.

And, let's face it…landing a sync with Apple is like scoring a hit song on the Billboard charts. It immediately adds value to YOUR brand, increases your exposure and your earnings potential.

This masterclass will give you the competitive advantage you need to get those highly coveted placements.

 Who should Attend? 

  • Sync Agents
  • Licensing Department Heads
  • Music Supervisors
  • Songwriters
  • Composers
  • Producers
  • Artists

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Learn directly from those who have landed placements with Apple.

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